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Welcome to the website supporting catering companies and services in Cardiff, South Wales. Caterers services cover both event and outside catering.

Often referred to as wedding caterers in south wales particularly, the service also includes the cleaning of menus, mats and upholstery, including curtains so it's not just confined to catering in Cardiff. Many people decide to try to caterer for their own events, but as many Cardiff residents that have tried this will tell you it doesn't come close to the professional service offered by some Cardiff based caterers.

Why use professional Caterers in Cardiff?

  • Most catering companies guarantee their service.
  • Many caterers offer a fast drying service in Cardiff.
  • Professional caterers can easily plan your event.
  • The menus and food used are safe and free from allergens.
  • Professional caterers know which types of food goes well.
  • Some menus for events comes back but professional services combat this.

What about contract caterers in Cardiff

Contract caterers, say in a restaurant, etc in Cardiff are designed for menu use so are far more expensive generally than domestic catering. This means companies have to look after theit investment and using commercial carpet cleaning companies in Cardiff is the only way to do this to ensure a professional service.

Again, and particularly with corporate caterers, this is often referred to as business catering although they are often the same thing. Catering by the contract method sometimes called business in house.This leaves your staff fed and feeling fresh and ready to go. Expert catering chefs have years of experience in South Wales and are trained to the highest industry standard. This means you're getting a professional event caterers service right here in Cardiff every time without the worry of yourevent being spoilt.

  • Hot water for tea is the wedding drinks bar method. Other methods don’t measure up and that’s why it’s the number one manufacturer recommended method to use.

How fast are Cardiff caterers

Usually most caterers are dry enough to walk on with shoes as soon as catering is finished. Its never a good idea to walk on a caterer with dirty shoes (from the mean streets of Cardiff) as the catering solution can clean the dirt off your shoes onto the menu.

wedding caterers Cardiff

Some of our other disciplines include wedding catering services in the Cardiff area including wedding cakes and marquee hire.

Hog Roast Cardiff

Hog roast caterers and hire for weddings parties and events in Cardiff

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Environmental Awards

Cardiff caterers services have over the years become more and more environmentally friendly. Some use organic ingredients (there are a few in Cardiff) some use allergen free menus.